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Sadhana-Pasricha-small-fileSadhana Pasricha is the Founder/President of Social Capital Network, an international organizational research and training firm. She conducts research on organizations to assess their corporate culture and to develop strategies for successful organizational transformations. Pasricha completed her doctoral coursework at the University of Chicago after obtaining her Masters and M.Phil degrees from the Delhi School of Economics, India. For over twenty five years she developed and taught numerous courses in sociology, research methods, management, as well as a popular course called “Gender, Work and Society.” She utilizes her academic, professional and cross-cultural experiences to give presentations at corporate training programs and at national and international conferences. By combining theory and practical strategies Pasricha focuses on the design of social and management systems for generating and mobilizing social capital to facilitate organizational and individual success.

What is Social Capital?

Social Capital is the essential currency for success.

Note: Social Capital is NOT Social Media. Social Media like Facebook are channels that can facilitate the creation or destruction of Social Capital

The term Social Capital – is a sociological concept that refers to the invisible, intangible assets that emerge from our social interactions and our relationships. Some examples of these assets are Networks , Norms of Collaboration, Trust, Reputation, and Goodwill. This is a very fragile asset – that takes mindful attention and effort to create. Social Capital can be destroyed by neglect, abuse or lack of use. Social Capital is generated by giving, taking and sharing. It is created by being generous and helpful. People, families and organizations that have richer stocks of Social Capital are more likely to be healthier, wealthier and happier.

Besides enjoying her academic and business activities, Pasricha is an active community leader. She has served as the Chair of the Hockessin Montessori School Board and as a board member of the ACE-Delaware Women in Higher Education, and the YWCA of Delaware. She has been an examiner for the Delaware Quality Award and was one of twenty adults selected nationally to participate in the Teen Women’s Health Policy Summit.

Watch Sadhana Pasricha at TEDx Wilmington

In addition to successfully coaching her daughters, a medical doctor and a finance professional, Pasricha has also served as a faculty advisor for student organizations such as, Women in Business, International Students Association, and Minority Students Union. She has received four grants for organizing civic engagement projects that involved leadership training for college and high school students. The Delaware Division of Family Services has recognized Pasricha with the "Building a Village Award" for her work in youth health and leadership development.

Watch Sadhana’s interview on Channel 8 News for Tips on How to Be a Successful Student


Sadhana Pasricha collaborates with CEO's and Senior Executives of progressive firms – that are striving to grow from GOOD to PHENOMENAL. She works closely with them to diagnose and design high performance corporate cultures that foster appropriate SOCIAL CAPITAL (Networks, Norms and Trust) to maximize employee engagement and innovation.


Forthcoming Book!

Forthcoming Book!

Sadhana Pasricha uses her novel Social Capital Success Strategies to coach families and parents so that they can coach and support their children to become energetic, joyful, successful winners in the Game of Life.

She helps parents design a high performance Family Culture so that they can generate and leverage rich stocks of Social Capital for achieving their desired success – faster, more easily and with joy.

Sadhana is an experienced Executive Coach specializing in coaching for:

  • Asian male and female executives who desire to serve as leaders in their organizations
  • Coaching women leaders to prepare for the C-Suite and Corporate Boards
  • Coaching women in early career, mid career and senior roles


Sadhana Pasricha is an expert Keynote speaker on the following topics:

  • Social Capital Success Strategies for Parenting
  • Social Capital – The Essential Assets for Leadership Success
  • Social Capital – The Essential Assets for Recruiting and Retaining women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Careers



Sadhana Pasricha is one of two delegates representing the State of Delaware at Vision2020. Vision 2020 is a national initiative that is focused on achieving four goals by the year 2020, when the centennial of women’s right to vote is celebrated:

  • Senior Leadership: to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions. In the belief that increasing the number of women in senior leadership positions will lead to more family-friendly workplaces, Vision 2020 no longer separates these two commitments and reduces the number of its national goals from five to four.
  • Economic Security: advance women’s economic security and achieve pay equity
  • Youth Education: educate young people to value gender equality, shared leadership, and civic engagement
  • Voter Mobilization: engage and educate women voters and increase women’s participation in the political process